Hi there.

In case you weren’t smart enough to figure it out, my name is Scott Linke. I spend most of my days trying to get through them so I can make it safely home to my beautiful wife and my three brilliant kids. Sometimes it gets a bit hard, I do have a slight tendency to be a smart ass. That being said, I’m more of a “Leave me the hell alone” type of guy but will always stay to listen to what you have to say. Sort of a double negative.

Just a little more insight to my mental well-being, I work fulltime as an art director in a printing facility. I direct a team which includes me and nobody else. I also work as a wedding dj going from one hall to another performing in my own unique style. Not a bad gig for somebody who enjoys the spotlight.

To keep me moving some more, I also own my own graphic design firm called Linkeland. The main deal with that would be social cards. A fancy name for personal business cards without the business. (A mild attempt to peddle my wares.) Check out linkeland.com.

Beyond that, I am happily married to my best friend and I am the proud papa to three very good looking budding geniuses. Yes, I have spawned.

Time for me to bug out and chill for a bit. Enjoy my rambling at scottlinke.com and smile.

Best to y,all. Scott Linke

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