Bitch, Moan or Bellyache About Me


As you should well know, your opinion is held in the highest regard with me. I really, truly hope that you take the time and tell me how you feel about the things you read. After all, Negative Criticism is always welcome and helps me become a better person. Without YOU telling me how you truly feel, I would very well be running amuck in society acting like a damn fool.

That being said, please take these kind words into consideration before you send any complaints. To truly be able to complain about me, you need to be me. I am sure that you believe you are a highly intelligent individual who thinks that people need to hear what you have to say. I am not one of those people, nor do I actually believe you have the slightest bit of intelligence in your body. Chances are, you were dropped on your head as a child and ate a lot of lead based paint chips.

You can keep your bitching, moaning and bellyaching to yourself or direct it towards your cat. I am quite positive you already do that since the cat can’t actually defend itself and you seem like the type of person who likes to intimidate defenseless creatures. You are truly a disgusting human being and do not deserve the right to speak in public. Piss off!

Thank you for taking the time to realize your an ass. Have a nice day:)

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