Dear Mr. President,


Contact the White HouseDear Mr. President,

Congratulations on 4 more years. Yes, I did support you and voted for you. I am under doubt that this will hold any clout for what my concerns are though.

My concerns revolve mainly on how the World views Americans. It shouldn’t concern me much since I mainly regard myself as an Earthling and try to disassociate my family from any particular Region on our Little Blue Green Planet we ALL call home. Unfortunately it does though.

Growing up, I felt that America was the greatest place on Earth. I believed in what we were trying to accomplish and found myself in the midst of Patriotism. As of this very moment, I can’t say that anymore. With the internet buzzing with news paid for by corporations, government propaganda and actual earthlings in the middle of war zones, it is hard to ignore what is actually happening on our planet and in our country.

I purposely placed this message under Civil Rights. This is my attempt to have somebody show some actual care about the rest of the inhabitants on this planet. Although it is becoming quite apparent that the smallest of us are not actually being looked at but looked over. Laws are being made, Amendments are being passed and Executive Orders are being drawn up that has and will prove to be a one sided interest for the people pulling the strings and not the citizens of planet Earth.

For example, our support to the government of Bahrein. There has been reports from the citizens of mistreatment by the government. Yet, the United States has shown support for that country. It doesn’t take a super genius to see that they are rich with oil that can be used to our advantage but at what cost is this going to be.

Drone attacks on villages with suspected terrorist activity are leaving families without loved ones. We are calling them “Casualties of War”. It saddens me to hear the voices of these “Casualties” pray for ALL Americans to die a horrible death. Especially since the majority of America didn’t even know this was happening and would probably be outraged if they knew that our names were being used to bring such pain to a bunch of people we don’t even know.

Even within our own borders, police are geared up in riot gear and firing beanbag rounds at protestors. Some of which were Senior citizens. The fact that this country was turned against each other during the Bush administrations “War” (or what the majority of Americans are calling “Increasing our Profits Strategy” ) is disheartening. The reason You were elected was to bring the change this planet so desperately needs.

I agree that this is a lot to ask for any human to accomplish but most things start with one single person. Then it goes to another, then another. There will be a massive attack from the opposition and as any good chess player will tell you, these can mostly be diverted. The chance of failing is greater when nobody tries. The chance of success is greater when failure is not an option.

Since I was raised with politics around me, I understand your hands can get bound sometimes. Deals need to be made just to get something done. Greed for money and/or power rules the votes. All I ask is that somebody on that hill asks themselves how much longer can the child be beaten. I don’t want my family to end up a casualty because somebody needed a new summer home.

When I think of Civil Rights, I don’t just think of Americans, I think of all inhabitants of Earth. Beating a child so they behave only works for so long before they get smart enough to plot revenge. I hear the stories and read the tweets from the Middle East. They are lumping ALL Americans into the group of Evil. I would prefer not to be in that group.

Again congratulations on the win. Use it and do some good this time around. If we have a chance, next time we can discuss the NDAA deal that was made, the NSA Spying on Americans and storing the information, PLUS find a way to legalize the hemp plant behind the Cotton conglomerates backs. I’m sure you get alot of these types of emails but maybe, just maybe, there is a slight chance this one will lead to somebody paying attention to what is actually happening on this planet and within our own borders.

Best Regards,

Scott Linke

PS: Unless healthcare becomes free for all citizens, our future, the American children, will continue to get sick because families can not afford it. Even at a discounted rate.

PSS: Segregating a group of citizens and telling them they don’t have the same rights as us heterosexual people is demeaning and unconstitutional. Please have Congress refer to the Declaration of Independence for further reading.

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