United We Will Stand & Buy The WorldThis whole SOPA thing has me a wee bit peeved. I did email my congressman but I have a bad feeling it won’t freaking matter. The reason, I can’t afford to buy off my congressman like the Studios can. I’ve always heard that if you want to make money, become a politician.

If this act gets passed, that opens the door to internet censorship in the USA. I know that sounds like a conspiracy but just look what happened with the Patriot Act. It bothers me that the average American would be told what they can and can not see on the web.

I do not agree with the whole Pirating action. Taking a camera into a movie theater to record a movie can be considered stealing. That blame should be placed solely on the pirate and the theater manager for hiring the monkeys that let in the pirate.

Why should we as a society be blamed for watching something that somebody uploaded to a sharing website? I will openly admit that I watch cable shows on the net. I can’t afford cable and support a family of five in this economy. For Christ’s sake, gas is so expensive that I can hardly pay for the gas I need to get to work to make money to buy the gas to get to work. Cable? Why pay for 300 channels I couldn’t possibly watch all at the same time?

That is where the sharing sites come into play. I can watch the hit shows that only the rich can watch plus view shows from other countries. Some of my new favorites, “The Republic of Doyle” from Canada, “Spy” from the UK and “The Almighty Johnsons” from New Zealand. Funny, Intriguing and Captivating.

The internet & the sharing sites have opened up new territories for us to view entertainment. It’s super easy too, just point and click. Then click again to get rid of the pop-ups, then click again, then click once more to get rid of the other pop-ups, then wait about 5 minutes for it to buffer then click again to fit the screen then pray the link is good so you can watch it without too much pausing to buffer.

Honestly, its a serious pain in the ass (or arse to my Non-American Friends), to watch these shows online. A pain that I am willing to deal with so I can afford to put food on the table for my family instead of the pocket of some Cable Company CEO. The cable companies that offer High-Speed Internet and Cable, they have it right. If you can’t get somebody to pay $99 mo for cable then get them to pay $29.99 for High-Speed internet. I’ve always believed that if you cater the rich you’ll live with the poor. If you cater to the poor, you will live with the rich.

Why? Numbers. Quantity. Masses. Offer more for less instead of less for more. It doesn’t take a Math Genius to figure out that you could sell a hundred things for a dollar easier than you could sell one thing for $100. That is what the studios in Hollywood need to realize and then they can be super rich.

Give the shit away for free as crappy viewing on the internet in hopes that the Hi-Def DVDs will be sold for premium bucks. I don’t want or need to spend $12 per person to watch a shitty movie. That is disappointing and makes me that much poorer. That is why the Studios need to follow my idea and make it happen. Sure it’s a guessing game but it could be worth while in the long run. Pirates won’t be able to be pirates if the studios already pirate their own crap to sell good crap in the end. Makes perfect sense to me. So why are they getting Congress involved?

To be richer. That is why they are getting Congress involved. They want to get money off all of the ends. I would too if I knew it would be possible but in this new age it is no longer feasible. This is just another case of the rich getting richer because they can afford to pay the people off to make a law that prohibits the poor from trying to skip giving them money.

The rich can afford to pay off the Congressional Peeps and get these sort of bills passed. The solo average citizen trying to survive can not. ONE rich person can pay off the “Influentials” with their pocket change. My pocket change can’t even get me a coffee from the local gas station. So it is always going to be the rich stealing from the poor by raping us at the gas pumps, movie theaters and even at the hospitals. There is nothing we can do about it because the law is the law. The one and only law that really matters these days.


To that I will now say…PISS OFF RULE! I now know that ONE person standing alone can not take on the rich and survive the massive beat down from the blood thirsty lawyers that will be besieged upon them. ONE person alone will not be able to sway the pockets of the “Influentials” so the average person can possibly make it through a whole week without eating 25 cent Ramon Noodles for dinner. ONE person will not be able to attack the head of the snake without being strangled by its slippery tail.

No ONE person could not do any of that but a One MILLION people could. As a group we could change the course of history. In the USA alone, there is over 311 MILLION people. Take the 10% out that have the money to pay off people and that leaves us with approximately 280 MILLION Americans that are being USED by the Parasitic 10%.

If 10% of these people each gave one dollar to the cause, we would have 28 Million dollars to buy our own person in Congress. Then we would be guaranteed to have at least one person on that hill working on our side. Hell, we might even be able to swing a 2 for 1 deal and buy one from each house (us poor folk love a good BOGO). Imagine the possibilities that would open up if somebody from the Senate was ACTUALLY working for the average citizen.

I’m gonna be honest, I see rainbows people. MOTHER FREAKIN’ RAINBOWS!!. This sure thing plan would get us at least a voice or two in the American System. I am Damn sure the American Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves right now screaming in their ghostly voices to take the country back. That is exactly what they did. They did not fight and die for the rich to beat on the poor. They fought against that. That is what MADE America and that is what we lost. History repeated itself but this time it’s our own country that is screwing us, not some Dictator from across the pond.

Why stop there though?

There are WELL OVER 6.5 BILLION human beings on this small little blue-green planet we call home. Lets not only deal with Americans, let’s help our fellow Earthlings. If enough of us band together, we could pay off more Influentials than any one rich person could ever do! The rich would have to band together in order to even come close to what we can accomplish. I have a sneaky feeling that would not be an option for them since they would need to share like the common folk. We will use their GREED against them.

The world would be a better place if the “So-Called” Voices of the People ACTUALLY spoke FOR the people. Dictators would no longer be allowed to behead somebody for looking at a goat wrong. Thieves would be able to rot in a prison cell ONLY if they actually did thievery. Kings & Queens would just be that “One Snooty Couple” down the road.


Let’s get straight down to the nitty gritty. Down to Business. Let’s get this thing planned out and rollin’ into our direction. Number one, we need somebody to bribe. Since I’ve never had the need (nor the funds) to bribe somebody, I will need some help finding the right person to bribe. I suggest email this straight to your congressman or senator so they can name their price. Once we have somebody who is willing to play ball with the citizens, we can negotiate their price for helping us. I’m pretty sure we can find a shrewd negotiator in our group that will be able to get us that BOGO and get us the most for our money. We’re poor, we know how to stretch a dollar.

Once we have that person in play, we can get a list of things that will help us survive. Free Healthcare would be nice since 3/4 of the American public can’t afford it. Try to lower gas prices. That would help out alot. Oh there is so much stuff we could do.

How about this, comment below on what you want changed in this world and let’s make it happen. Then let’s buy the Influentials that will help us. Let’s unite as a species. As Earthlings. LET’S TAKE OUR PLANET BACK FROM THE PARASITES and MAKE IT KNOWN THAT NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE LITTLE GUY! Together we can BUY THIS PLANET BACK!



Spelling sucks ’cause I sent this from my phone.

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