Live without Ignorance


IgnoranceIsntBlissWhen ever I hear somebody say Obamacare, I know I am dealing  with an ignorant person. The Affordable Health Care Act gave my family health care after not having any for over a decade. Only the ignorant believe something is bad when they never take the time to read or understand it. Most of Congress admit to never reading it because it is too long but they quote the bible which is longer. Unfortunately ignorant people can vote. Ignorance isn’t bliss when our right to live healthy is taken away.

The only reason that the Affordable Heath Care Act is under such an attack is because it is taking money away from the private insurance companies that have been gouging prices for decades. The people pushing for it to be revoked are getting money from these private companies. It’s all about the all mighty dollar going out of your pocket and into a politicians or executives. The ignorant people who believe everything they hear just go with the hatred flow and push to give this money to the politician.

When I am asked if evil exists, I have to stop and question whether using manipulation to steal from ignorant people is evil or not. Let’s just assume that a teacher used their power to con a group of mentally challenged kids into stealing from their parents to give to her. We would call her an evil bitch.

The same thing is happening in Washington. The politicians are trying to take away your ability to actually pay to stay healthy and alive. That is why they changed the name of the Affordable Health Care Act to Obamacare. It’s smoke and mirrors being used to mask the manipulation.

If you disagree with this then tell me how much of the act you actually read and why I am wrong. If you never read it then I can say you’re ignorant and a puppet.


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