My hypocrisy


It’s election day today and like many Americans, I really don’t care anymore. I can honestly state that I have lost all faith in the American society and the system. When the latest news is “Alex from Target” instead of who stands for what, how can any of us get the proper information to go out and vote for any of the schmucks running for office?

That is where my hypocrisy is. I have openly stated that we need to make educated decisions when it comes to our well being as a nation but as it seems, I will most likely vote for the person with a D behind their name just so I can get the stupid little sticker that shows I am one of the morons that just put useless marks down on a piece of

A Frustrated Hypocrite

That is what I have been reduced to. If you can properly disagree with me then I invite you to do so. If you vote strictly for the letter behind the name then you are just like me. You gave up on the system, failed to do actual research, follow in the footsteps of your peers, or believe in the bullshit being bombarded in the commercials.
That being said, have a glorious mediocre day. We just chose the next people to make rules for how we can live by randomly marking a piece of paper.

Random Crap