Red Collars Corporate Greed = Tumbling Dominos


Blood of the CountryI have been fascinated by the Domino Theory (aka Linchpin Theory) for some time now. The theory goes like this, push one down and the rest will fall exactly how you designed them to. Military organizations & Governments have used this tactic to attempt a win. Red Collar Corporations have mastered this theory and can potentially take this shit over.

My lovely wife sent me this image to me a couple of days ago. How to profit from the dwindling global water supply on our little Blue Green Rock we call home. Cash in this Crisis. Make some Moolah on some Misery. Be ahead of the pack when the water runs out.

Those were my first thoughts as I read the title but that is not the case … yet.

Quest Water Global

The low down skinny on this company is simple, they make filtration systems that give clean water to countries that don’t have it. Angola was the first to get the system and it was all the rage. For those of you that think you know where Angola is, here’s the map to show you’re wrong. Since I am not a geography person, I confused it with Mongolia in China. It seems that there is a huge difference between the two.

SIDEBAR COMPARISON – Mongolia vs Angola


This is Mongolia

Yes, I thought they were giving clean water to the people of Mongolia. By the looks of the pictures Google gave me, they look like they could use some clean water. Their main economy source is from minerals such as copper, coal, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, and gold.

As for Mongolia’s standing in the World Bank’s Eyes, they rank low on the totem pole for lower middle income and has never been listed as an emerging market country. Just the type of place that would be a good candidate for some good samaritanship.


This is Angola

Moving onto Angola. From what I have seen and read, Angola isn’t really the hard up country I thought it would be.

In one decade, 2001-2010, Angola had the fastest growing economy on the planet. With 90% of it’s exports being oil and a large part of the remaining 10% being diamonds, it is no wonder that the country to start the clean water revolution was Angola.

Down goes a Domino, Out comes the Pin

Time to get right down to it. What may have started out as a good idea to get clean water to third world countries just might be the one piece that was needed to be pushed to make the Global Corporate Takeover scenario come true. (Mental note to add that to last post)

As of now, Corporations have been profiting from things we really do not need to survive. Oil is one of those things. It is a HUGE profit maker but is not a life sustaining thing. We don’t need oil to live. We mainly need it to get our lazy asses from one place to another. Not really a necessity.

Water on the other hand is a life necessity. We need it to survive. Without water, we die. Slowly. But still die.

Enter Domino Number 1 (or 120)

The plan is simple. Create a filtration system that converts shit water into drinkable water. A very good thing. Then prove its worth in a third world country or a country that has a huge export of extremely valuable commodities. Wouldn’t want the workers dying of thirst. Those Diamonds won’t dig themselves People!

Illustration by Tuuli Juntunen

Next step. Oh my goodness! Water crisis in America! What shall we do?

Never Fear, Newly bought out Quest Water Global is here with the answer. We will sell you a high end water purification system and make millions! After all, we did just get bought out by a bunch of really good people whose collars are as red as Santa’s suit.

Conspiracy is Everywhere

Yes that does sound ridiculous. Just another conspiracy theory.The only reason to actually mention it is to spark that dead blob of goo inside your skull to actually look at what is happening in this world. Americans seem to be the worst of the bunch now.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the concept of America is great. It is a proven plan of action that will prevail. I am proud to be living in this country. So proud that it is necessary to do something about what is going on.

Poor Stupid Americans

As a country, we are being used and abused by the system we are trying to protect. When the government bailed out the banks to help out the American citizens, the corporations decided to help out their own bank accounts. What did the Americans do? They screamed at the government.

Bad government!” they said.

Meanwhile, the Red Collar Corporations just ran off with our cash. They even lead the “Bad Government” March as they quietly slipped out the rear. The thing is, most Americans didn’t even know what was going on. They saw something on TV that screamed “Bad Government” or heard some well paid Radio Talk Show Host rant on how Bad the Government is. Then they decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Red Collars Control the Media

Here are 2 simple questions to ask yourself if you are being manipulated by the government or by very well paid marketing agencies.

1) How many government owned media stations are there in America?

2) How many are owned by Huge Red Collar Corporations, (ahem GE, Comcast … NBC)?

The point I am trying to make is simple. The corporations choose what they want you to know. The government has little to no say it what the world hears or sees. Granted the FCC does its best to Censor whatever they think is inappropriate but the hard news is controlled by Big Red. THEY HAVE THE MONEY TO SPEND ON MARKETING.

The Saddest Part

We the people of the United States of America are supposed to be equal. So says the Constitution. When it comes around, how many people in this country are considered equals? Even good ol’ Walmart execs consider themselves better than all the rest. In case you hadn’t heard, Walmart takes life insurance policies out on its employees. Not for the family of the worker but for themselves. FYI … One of the Directors of CNBC is also on the Board of Walmart.

How much constitutional rights do we actually have if the Red Collars keep buying up the Constitution? There are members of the Congress that are paid by the Red Collars. They own stock. They make money if the Red makes money. What do the Americans do? We do what we are told by the well paid pretty faces we see on the TV or the booming commanding voice we hear on the radio.

The Golden Rule

It comes straight down to the Golden Rule folks. Not the “Do unto others..” thing they push onto the Blue Collar people to keep them in check.

The “He who has the Gold makes the Rules” one that the Red Collars have embroidered on their throw pillows made out of soft puppy hair and put together by small children in a sweat shop just south of a poverty stricken country like Mongolia.

Completely Off Subject

I think I veered off subject a while back but am just to lazy to re-read what I just wrote in my furious tangent of mumbled words. I should just start a podcast.

Summing this up

Red Collars are just a few more Dominoes away from Global Domination and pockets lined with pure gold. Red Collars are the ones that don’t have any problem bleeding the white & blue collar people dry for a few more dollars. They hire white collar people to control the blue collar people.

Blue collar people don’t seem to mind one bit as long as they get to watch “Reality TV” and snarf down some pre-made burgers that might actually have 5% real meat inside of it.

I sincerely don’t know why. I would rather start a Global Revolution than to let this continue. “Vive La Black Hats!”

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