The Zombie Apocalypse: Fact or Fiction -You be the Judge


Last week a co-worker was telling me a story about a new friend and their belief in the Zombie Apocalypse. This co-worker went on about how insane this new friend was. According to him, anyone that believes that zombies could be real is utterly insane. It’s even worse if they have a plan just in case. Then he turned to me for affirmation in his opinion. I merely stated, it is possible.

Before anyone goes off and says I am also insane for my belief, allow me to explain.

First off, my definition of Zombie must be stated. I don’t think that a zombie will be the dead coming back to life. That would be almost impossible to happen. I think of a zombie as a person who has been reverted to aggression and an unsatisfiable hunger. They are also unable to feel pain which makes them almost unstoppable. This is extremely possible and could happen.

How do I know this? The recent “Creation” of theĀ  H5N1 virus which is a deadlier version of its predecessor H1N1. The Zombie Apocalypse will not be brought on by Supernatural forces or a Terroristic Assault but built in a lab funded by a pharmaceutical company hoping to create the cure and make some serious green.

I see this virus attacking the amygdala in the human brain. That is the portion if the brain that deals with aggression. This virus will also disable the pain receptacles. If they can not feel pain, then shooting them multiple times will slow them down but not stop them. Basically, the virus turns a normal human into a savage bloodthirsty beast.

Once again, this will be started in a lab and accidentally released upon the unwitting general public. Since the victim is bloodthirsty, the virus will be transferred through bodily fluids. An infected person can easily start an epidemic simply by going to the hospital and scratching or biting somebody.

My theory is only that, a theory. It is based on reality though. The AIDS virus is transmitted through bodily fluids and specifically attacks the immune system. It’s main goal is to knock out its victims immunity to allow further infections get through. That sounds rather similar to my theory. My theory has a virus that specifically disables pain and increases aggression.

Although this is just a theory of mine, I see the Greed of the Drug Companies and the Greed of the Politicians all around. Anyone who does not see this is going through the world with blinders on. The greed of the rich destroying the meek is evident in much of the world news. Which leads me to a question to those companies and politicians encouraging destruction. Why are you allowing scientists to create a deadly virus but banning the research of stem cells? Stem cell research could help humanity. Deadly viruses could destroy it.

With all of the greed and desperation for power running rampant in the world, I encourage everybody to be prepared for anything. A contingency plan for what “Could” happen.

As crazy at it may sound, my family has a Zombie Apocalypse plan. We also have code words fir kidnappings or danger. Contingency plans for what is or is not possible. I see it this way, the governments all have their own contingency plans to save the people who can pay, why shouldn’t the average human. We are the only ones that will keep our lives safe for harm. Any government official can say they do but would they jump in front if danger to save a poor citizen or just consider them “Collateral Damage.”

Only YOU can control your fate. Don’t follow your “Fearless” leaders into a foolish belief that you are their number one priority. They are always looking out for number one and you aren’t it.

If you got anything out of this that I want you to remember it is this … Be Prepared, Even if it makes you look crazy. At least you’ll be alive to ask, “Who’s the crazy one now?” just before you cut off their blood thirsty head.

Here are some helpful hints to assist in your own plan for survival.

1) Always have a meeting place. Ours is the local hardware store with a fenced in lumber yard. Not only are there multiple tools around but there are many ways you can construct your own weapons of mass zombie destruction. A little propane and deck nails can go a long way in your fight for survival. Plus, it’s already fenced in. It will be my fortress!

2) Blunt objects are your friends. Keep anything that is easily swung at would be attackers. Heavier does not mean safer. It is easier to swing a small aluminum bat that a half a tree trunk.

3) If they’ve been bit then don’t give a shit. Stay away from infected people. Even if it’s your mom. If she’s infected, she will want to EAT you.

4) Arrange for loud noises to happen somewhere other than where you are. Garage door sensors are great for this. If the beam gets crossed, that can set off an alarm a block or more away. The primal zombie instinct would lead them to the noise.

5) Always have a lookout. Having somebody keep watch is the best way to avoid being zombie meals.

6) Let the heads roll. The best way to kill something that wants to kill you is to chop off its head. That should be basic common sense. No head, it’s dead.

7) Zombie bait is everywhere. If your in a pinch and need to get away, fresh blood splattered about will give you time to escape. I won’t tell you where or how to get it. That will be up to your imagination.

8) Stay away from extremely populated areas. Even though it would be pretty freaking awesome to be held up in a mall, that is a recipe for disaster. Malls have to many nooks and crannies for zombies to come in and eat you while your relaxing in your massage chair at Sharper Image. Unless you have an army, there is no possible way to hold down a mall from a zombie swarm. Trust me. I’ve already worked all the angles.

9) Make a break for it. It is always a good idea to have multiple escape plans in place, just in case you get trapped. Schools generally have fake ceilings. Zombies should be bad climbers and terrible at Hide &Go Seek. Walls are mainly drywall so you can punch through them with ease for a quick escape.

10) Learn to love Beef Jerky. Seriously, that crap will last for eons. It may not be the healthiest on the planet but it will keep you fed.

That’s enough to keep you alive for the time being. Once again, just because you plan for disasters does not make you a crazy person. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared” and nobody calls them crazy.

Check out what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has to say about it.

Spelling sucks ’cause I sent this from my phone and am possibly drunk.

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