Who Voted for the Schizophrenics?


Last night, the Minnesota Senate Committee voted to pass a bill for the right of same sex marriages. This is a big win for civil rights. My issue is not with that vote. I commend the lawmakers who voted to let people be themselves and remove the ban on same sex marriages. One thing to consider though, this was only one part of the process. The real vote will be done later after the budget session ends. That is plenty of time for the tools to due their destruction.

Spreading the Hate

In the news reports I have read on what happened, a few things jumped out at me. These same type of things are the reason I find myself as an atheist and against organized religion. Here is a quote from Sen. Dan Hall, a pastor from Burnsville, “Marriage in itself doesn’t make anyone more or less valuable. The definition of marriage should be left up to God.”. He also went on to say he’d go to jail before marrying a gay couple. Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen of Glencoe says it’s a “lie” to argue that being gay is a choice.

For this bill, all of the Democrats supported it and All but one Republican opposed it. Sen. Branden Petersen, of Anoka, is the only current Republican lawmaker so far who has publicly supported the bill.

Did I mention that  Sen. Dan Hall is a pastor? A religious figure that spreads the word of an invisible man in the sky based on his interpretation of a little black book written and rewritten by men who wanted to control the population. He is also a lawmaker. His votes are being swayed by his imaginary friend. I don’t know how you may personally feel about this situation but it feels like his beliefs are being forced upon me.

Keep Religion out of Government

I can tell you that I am not alone in saying this. Damn near every show on The Sucka’ Chumps Podcast has me and my cohort talking about this. Most people that also believe religion should stay out of government affairs have no problem stating it. Our fight to get this done is being blocked by sheep. Mindless drooling sheep that feel their imaginary friend should be in control of everyone’s lives. I’ve seen this movie. It ends badly. Eventually the country is going to get massively fucked up even more than it already is. The people who are making the laws for this country are taking their interpretations of a book to make their decisions on what they feel is right for You and I.

Our World is not Their Playground

My life is not controlled by an invisible being from somebodies imagination. The idea that there are lawmakers who were elected into office, take the voices in their heads and make decisions that affect our lives, scares me. Not crawl up in the fetal position and wet myself scared, more to the point of what are my children getting handed to them scared. This isn’t the only time lawmakers have used the invisible man to take away our freedoms and I don’t see this being the last time either.

The fact remains that these huge religious organizations of people that hear voices or believe in invisible forces are pushing their views upon the unwilling public. They are using scare tactics such as eternal damnation or the fall of morality to sway the average person onto their side. The Westboro Baptist Church is full of these hypocritical masses. The outright cry for sending the gay population into exile or the protests of soldiers funerals is proof that religious organizations are too emotional for politics. This is the same reason certain political parties were saying that a woman should not become president.

Emotional Hallucinations

Let me lay out a scenario for another hot topic on this little blue green rock we call home. The argument about abortion is one of the biggest emotional situations being led by religious zealots. It is also one of the most hypocritical arguments we could possibly hear. These Pro-Life lawmakers are screaming to stop the murder of children in the womb. The majority of these lawmakers were also for the war in Iraq which murdered countless middle eastern children in the bombings. These were called casualties of war. Emotionless responses when there isn’t political gain and emotional responses when they know they can get the votes from the mindless sheep.

Hypocrisies in “The Word”

I was confirmed when I was in my youth and not in full control of what happened to me. That being said, I do know what is written in the black book which carries “The Word” of the invisible man. In fact, there are really only 10 things that made any sense at all. The general guidelines that we should consider as we mull our way through life. One of the most important ones is “Though Shalt Not Kill”.

The majority of these lawmakers also are meat eaters. I’m pretty damn sure a few of them have had the luxury of eating lamb or veal. Baby sheep and Baby cows are murdered so they can be devoured by these devout holy people.


The Serial Killers in Office

Before I make this analogy, I do enjoy eating meat. I am a full blown carnivorous fiend and accept my place as an accessory to the murder of these animals so I can eat their yummy flesh. That being said, let me explain my view on those that scream biblical phrases at me. They break one of the rules I truly think is right on the money. Don’t Kill.

These lawmakers that quote the invisible man might resemble serial killers. That is, if they hunt. These bible bangers might keep the antlers of their kills as trophies. Serial Killers keep trophies. Hunters also go out at specific times to get their kills. So do serial killers. When they do shoot their prey, they thank the invisible man for bringing them the opportunity to murder an innocent animal who just happened to be walking on the path they take every single day like we do on a sidewalk. Serial killers also thank the invisible man for delivering them the opportunity to murder. The point is, the hypocritical rantings of the people making choices for us is an outrage.

That was a poor example because I can only base what I know about these people on what I read in the news or see first hand at their rallies or hear what is being explained to me when they say I am going to hell. I don’t know if they hunt or not. I am just making the assumption which is generally 85% accurate in Minnesota and the chance that these lawmakers are vegans is very slim.

The End of This Rant

All I really want is somebody to read this and understand where I am coming from when I say we should keep religion out of government. There is no place in the law making process for decisions to be made by people who get there ideas from a book written centuries ago or hear whispers from an imaginary friend. It’s been a while since I wrote my thoughts down so I am just going to end this abruptly. Head on over to The Sucka’ Chumps Podcast and have a listen. You can even subscribe on iTunes.

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